Day #9 – with a bit of day #8 reminiscing from Cami :)

Day #8 again, by Cami. This morning for devotions, the little girls from the Children’s Home presented the story of Christ’s resurrection and the good samaritan. Impressively, the girls, ages 6-11, prepared the whole shpiel by themselves! It was refreshing to hear little kiddos reminding us to love our neighbors as ourselves and to see them be bold and step up to the challenge of sharing in front of a grand audience. If they can, I can too, right? We are privileged to share for devo time tomorrow morning, but for today, lots of painting to do!

Almost 15 gallons of paint later, we are so close to finishing the little boys house! One and a half walls need one or two more coats, but we ran out of the beige colored paint. Hopefully they will be able to buy more before we leave, so we can complete the entire job. Every once and a while, the sneaky young boys would come inspect our work and reach out their curious hands mere centimeters from the freshly painted wall. Then they’d look up at you with these mischievous twinkling eyes. After this, we’d tell them, “No no!” and they’d scramble off giggling.



DAY #9

We went around the room today in our evening devotionals and said nice things and encouraged one another. It was a wonderful experience and one we found put us in an attitude of uplifting others constantly. It might be awkward at first, but try it! It’s amazing!

Cami: Pun happy girl, always smiling and has a good sense of humor and very joyful. She is a Polyanna. A young person who loves the Lord and is not afraid to share the Lord with people around her. “Cami lights up my world” – Holly

Marta: She always thinks of other people before herself. She goes around loving on kids whether or not they want love. Boy may act macho, but deep down they want love just as much as the little girls too. Marta was a little boys and girls magnet!

Amyia: She’s always going and wanting to play with the kids and enjoying ppl and wanting ppl to be her besties. She is so good at building relationships with group members and children from Mexico. She is even tough enough to play hard with the boys!

Brooke: Is the little Amiya magnet. She never minds it when kiddos come up and play around and bug her. She always has a smile. She answered ALL of Amiya’s questions! Whenever she was painting, if a boy came and messed up her work, she still smiled. She REALLY cares about kids!

Crystal – Willing to take on the doors and paint anything ALL week long. No complaining, steady hand, very consciences. VERY hard worker! LOVES children and brings smiles to so many children’s faces. She has been very open and courageous to come on a trip with a new church and new people and getting to know so many new people.

Jeanne: Bible talks about the beauty from a quiet and gentle spirit. You have a gentle smile and warm spirit and peaceful and helpful and loving and a warmth you give out. No matter how mom’s feeling, even when sick, she is always trying to serve ppl. She cleaned the bathroom even with a fever and stomach flu. Beth has always looked at your kids and said, “I want my kids to look like yours. You’ve done a lot right.”

Vaughn: Did good on the way he raised his kids. Whenever he threw hammers he never threw them too hard🙂 haha (from Christopher). Getting to know you, you have a sense of humor and I loved working with you – Joe. Father wanting the best for his kids – always wanting something to be right, to make things the way they should be. And great spiritual discernment. Joking one moment to saying let’s pray for someone another moment. Good mix of humor and spiritual humor.

Holly: Oh the things we could say about Holly. She is always taking care of others, very aware of if ppl need a back rub, water, tea. Servant’s heart, serves with a smile. Helped out with the fundraising even when she didn’t get to go on the trip to Oaxaca. She will give it ALL away! Quick to pray. She walk s the walk.

Kaitlyn: One of a few American people invited back to an American prison. Beautiful voice – a gift from the Lord. Courageous! The only one of her whole family to come on the trip. Marta thought she was a quiet and shy person, but she’s really not, she is outgoing and has a beautiful voice from the Lord.

Christopher: What do you think Christopher was doing on the playground. He was sitting cross legged on the grounf scooping graving into his shirt. He looked like a pregnant woman waddling. He has such a playfulness and fun personality about himself. On the job sight, the man side of you came out. Measuring, lifting, gophering (going to get things). Boy Christopher and man Christopher is meshing. So mature, but yet playful. At ease with the kids. He doesn’t know the language, but it doesn’t stop him. He’s a brother to everyone.

Emma: Emma has a complete servant’s heart. Jeanne didn’t feel good, but Emma brought in a cool wash cloth and then flip it to be cooler and then go change it. Emma rubbed Jeanne’s feet, got lotion and rubbed her feet again. Emma is gentle and thoughtful. ALL the kids loved her and knew Emma’s name. Even though Emma knew no Spanish, ALL the kids flocked to her.

Beth: Marta has always looked up to her, leadership, strong, but gentle. Look at Emma, Zeek and Zoe and see how amazing Beth is. Has always been like a mom to Amiya, never yelled but is always nice about everything. Beth feels like she always sticks her foot in her mouth, but Cami hasn’t noticed her stick her foot in her mouth this whole trip. Beth says, “I always put my fist in my mouth,” but it isn’t true Beth. We love what you have to say.

Joe: Cam loves the Joe jokes. When Vaughn worked with Joe, he is so easy to get along with. Joe puts up with jokes. Lets offense and flying hammers roll off his back. Joe is really patient and giving. Kaitlyn used his belt and Bible. Vaughn used his pants.

Hello everyone! Thank you thank you thank you for ALL your prayers!!! I cannot even tell you what a blessing this trip has been in my life! My heart is so filled with love here. My heart is so torn between my home in America and my home here in Oaxaca, Mexico. I pray that the Lord continues to grow my love for this place and for all of you too. God is so good to stretch his love out across all the continents. Thank You Jesus for Your good love. Lord we are sooooo full in You, thank you❤ God we pray for a safe trip here and we pray for a safe travel back home. Lord surround us in Your hand of safety and give our pilot’s wisdom and let us have smooth travels with no delays and to make every connecting flight. Lord thank You, thank You, thank You for such a beautiful trip. Lord thank You for a week to slow down and seek You and serve You and just FOCUS on YOU🙂 Lord please open many more opportunities like this one in my life and send me where You call. Whether that call be here in the United States, or across the miles in Oaxaca, or in some rural unknown boat in the middle of the ocean; “where You go I’ll go, where You stay I’ll stay, I will follow You!” Let me tell you, it is a beautiful thing when 3 young girls sing, ““where You go I’ll go, where You stay I’ll stay, I will follow You!” while they get their long satin hair brushed into soft thin waves of silk. God is so good to us, thank You God for those little sweet moments. Help us to stop and smell the roses, pause and see the sunrise, and sit to watch the sunset. Thank You Jesus, thank You, thank You. Thank You for Your blessings, You give and take away Lord, thank You, thank You, thank You. I could say it all night Lord, but may my life be a living sacrifice of me saying, “thank You Jesus!” all the days of my life.

Day #8 – Notes from our team devotional tonight!

Marta Devotional Thursday Night Notes:

Be a blessing – to make someone else smile, encourage, help someone else, do something for someone to make their life better.

Examples: Someone gave the Ortloff family a freezer.

Neighbor gave Holly a bed. Other neighbor gave Holly her dresser with a full size mirror (I had been asking for a full size mirror).

Kaitlyn holding thread for Cami while she created bracelets.

At the garage sale, God gave the Ortloffs an oven and stove top. Ours died a week after we got the new ones from the garage sale. The oven and stove top fit almost perfectly in the space that we had there.

We can be a blessing in someone’s life in any place in the world. It can be even a little thing.

Be filled with the Holy Spirit in order to be able to be a blessing to others effortlessly. When we are filled with Jesus, we have His joy and have an automatic love and joy to bless others. We have Jesus’ nature when we are filled with Him.

If it takes effort to pour out a blessing, then Marta encourages us to take time to work on our relationship with the Lord and let Him fill us back up. It is hard to pour out when we are not full.

Phil 2:3-4

When you decide to be a blessing for others, do it unconditionally. Don’t expect something back in return. Don’t force yourself. What’s your talent? What are you good at? How can you be a blessing to somebody using your talent?

Vaughn: Accept the blessings from others because in that way you are blessing others by letting them bless you.

Thank you so much for your prayers! We will love your prayers tomorrow morning as we lead devotionals tomorrow morning for this childrens’ home. Kaitlyn and Christopher and Brooke and I will be leading worship before the devotional. We have not practiced yet, so prayer that all will go smoothly🙂


Favorite Memories so far :)

Favorite Memories of the Trip:

Jeanne: Nail polish with girlies!

Everyone: Beth’s face when we found out the paint we used to paint the little boys’ room with.

Beth: When Beth went around saying she loved them instead of asking them their name.

“Como te amo” vs. “como te amas” “How do I love you” vs. “what is your name.”

Marta: enjoying the Sunday and Wednesday services. Feeling the Holy Spirit through the worship. You feel like God is right next to you.

Holly: I braved the jalepeno peppers today and washed a whole bin full of them! My fingers started burning at one point and I quickly washed them, but just kept on going.🙂 Elizabeth and I had a wonderful conversation while washing jalepenos together. The best conversations happen in the kitchen!

Amiya: playing barbies with Selena – she just smiled the whole time

Vaughn: Good memories of playing football with the ninos and seeing the Holy Spirit work at the prison through prayer, singing and preaching, (Kaitlyn’s song was amazing).

Kaitlyn: Giggling through dinner with Zabdi at the Quinceranera and pretending to eat eachother’s cookies and hanging out with Norma when we got to watch the girls

Day #6/#7

Day #6 quick update: Business as usual. Painting, painting, painting, and more painting. Also the men have been troupers working out in the sun on construction all day. Thank you guys! I must do a quick shout out for Emma and Amiya as they worked with me all day! From one job to the next! We were the “floaters” and went around the orphanage doing a bunch of odd jobs. We spent hours making lunch and dinner and dishes! Kitchen cook assistants🙂 We also cleaned a room and bathroom unit from top to bottom – deep cleaning. Drilled holes in walls, hug up curtains, and washed down cupboards in the little boys room. Super fun!

Special moments with Emma and amiya. Love them two girlies!

~Holly (Day #6)


Hello again everyone! Holly here. Last night we took some good team bonding time and left the blog update for today. Also, the internet here hasn’t been working too well. But it makes for a heart of thanksgiving when you realize what a blessings we have at home, like good internet.

Speaking of a heart of thanksgiving, today I gave thanks to God over and over again for the beauty and love surrounding us here. The skies light up bright blue and the sun dazzles off the morning rain and rain dropped lemon fruit trees. The love around here is so open, even when we visted the woman’s prison today.

Kaitlyn and I spent the morning preparing songs in Spanish to sing in the prison. It was so much fun to enjoy that time together and praise the Lord! We never know what plans will actually occur, so I’ve been learning to take every moment and enjoy it to the fullest. To which was my deep enjoyment of Kaitlyn and my little worship song fest. The plan to visit the prison and sing there did indeed end up happening! And when Kaitlyn and I sang there, it was like angels surrounded our little room with God’s love and protection and prepared the way for some wonderful preaching from Dad (Vaughn), Joe (well lots of laughter along with preaching), Pastor Aaron (from the orphanage), and Enrike.

As Pastor Aaron preached, the Lord told me to be in prayer for the room. Throughout the service, everytime I prayed, I could physically feel the Lord’s powerful Holy Spirit. God is with us! Thank You Lord for Your strong presence and thank you my friends and family for your prayers! We would not be where we are without your prayer support. Thank you!

It was so cool to see the little room start with only a couple people and by the end of the service we Americans had gotten out of our seats for the women to sit in and still we were overflow out the door standing and listening. What a beautiful picture of the church of Christ; always growing. Before we left, Kaitlyn and I were invited to come back and sing with them anytime. I pray that one day we will be able to come back and sing for them again, in God’s wonderful timing.

Another sweet moment there at the prison was when the women were leaving. As the women left, they each came by me to shake my hand and I couldn’t help but grasp them each in a hug and when I did they kissed my cheek spurring me to do the same. Many of them said sweet things, the best of all being “Dios de bendiga” or “God bless you.” So amazing how God takes everyone and makes us truly a FAMILY in Christ.

There were little children and babies in the prison with their mothers. At first this seemed sad that kiddos were in prison, but as I watched and saw the JOY that those children brought to the prison and their mothers and the lively smiles that arose on women’s faces as the children made funny noises, I realized that what a huge blessing it is to that place to be filled with little joyous bundles. I pray that these people will all find Christ and hence, find FAMILY. Pastor Aaron said that probably 60% of the women at the service today know the Lord and that they are the real ministers in the prison. They are their 24/7 whereas Enrike (the man with the prison ministry) goes twice a week. It is amazing to see how God can take a heart and renew it whole again. I wonder what would happen if we began going to our prisons back home? Would we see this change too? God is BIG. Bigger than people’s pasts. Lord, help us to see people for who You see them to be. Bless the women in the prison tonight and pour Your good love over them. Thank You for letting us be a blessing to them and for the even bigger blessing they are to me. We love You Lord. Bless our team, Amen❤

Together in Christ and running the race for Him and Him alone,


Day #5 — Amiya’s missing fingers, Kiddo fun, and time to work!

And Joe just had his evening Gatorade. It’s become a nightly routine that we laugh about. He’s been such a fun character to have on this trip as he gets everyone laughing between us team members and the kiddos here at the orphanage.

Ketchup in the Kitchen!

There once was a girl, a very beautiful girl, named Amiya. She had ten cute little fingers and a knife as BIG as she was tall. There was, right on the cutting board, ketchup! Or at least, that’s what she thought it was. And then, she looked at her hands, where the ketchup was on, but there was no ketchup around. And there I saw, no fingers! Me fingers were gone! There I saw them, in with all the broccoli. Nobody was going to eat that meal tonight.

~Made by Holly and Amiya

A fictional story, based on a true story, well at least the knife being as big as Amiya was the true part. Don’t worry, her fingers are all in tact. All ten!

Joe (guapo) and Vaughn (bon bon) and Christopher (artillon) were all working on the school ceiling today. We are putting up the supports and the plywood forms that will hold the cement ceiling. After we were good and tired we watched the young boys for 2 hours to give the house mom a break. Time for bed. – Vaughn

Hola Familia! Es Kaitlyn🙂

It’s been full of celebrations over here! We had our first experience of a Quinceanera on Saturday, where I met my new little friend named, Zabdi. We giggled our way through the birthday dinner, teasing each other and pretending to swipe each other’s cookies.

And then today, we had a going away party for, David, who will be leaving for Texas to major in their music of arts program. He plans to come back, after he’s finished his schooling, and put his knowledge to use in Oaxaca.

In the speech Jill gave, she explained that it wasn’t really a time to celebrate his ‘going’ to the States, but rather a time to celebrate how he’s been changed and has been obeying the Lord and His leading. What really struck me was when David was passing out the ‘Coke a Cola floats’ to the kids. Every single one of them gave him a hug on their way through the line.

David even said a few words and was so heartfelt about it, he began to get choked up.

They truly are a family, not by blood, but by heart and through the Lord.

You also never hear them bickering or fighting amongst themselves as is often the case in America. Jill told us she’s never heard one kid say, “mine” to another kid, rather, they share willingly; giving to the youngest and then on up.

Another thing that struck me was during the devotion time this morning. We think of them as having so little, but this morning they talked about being blessed and having an overabundance. And in their own lives the need to share and give to the needy outside their door. Wow!

If they, who have so little, give willingly, how much more so should we give? We who live in a land of plenty and normally do not go with an empty stomach or cold feet from lack of shoes. How blessed we really are! And yet how much more so do we take it for granted. How often do we thank God for the normality of our lives back home? May I be more generous, more loving, and more like Christ and these people here!

Today was also our first official work day! Joe, Vaugn, and Christopher worked on the school, which still has concrete walls to be put up and finished. Emma and Amiya and Holly weeded near the fountain and watched Jill’s son, Nathan and his sister, Celina. Beth, Jeanie, Brooke, Crystal, Cami and I began painting the living room in the little boy’s house. Our goal is to finish the entire inside of the house by the end of the week! We’ve already gone through about 5 gallons of paint and that was just for half of the living room! We will still need to paint two bedrooms as well, once the living room is finished.

But the highlight of my week so far, happened this evening. We watched the kids for two hours while the house parents had a break. I was helping with the 13 elementary girls and many of the girls I had been praying for before this trip! It was so neat to finally be able to meet them!!!

After we all introduced ourselves, a little girl named Norma took my hand to go play and from then on she stuck by me like glue. We painted eachother’s nails and drew with chalk outside. We also colored a picture before ending the evening sitting side by side watching a show with the other girls. It was so much fun! My Spanish is definitely being grown/stretched and so has my desire to learn more. At one point Norma was trying to ask me to do something with her, but I had no idea what she wanted, so she led me into her room chatting away in Spanish all the while, I never did get it, but she didn’t seem to mind one bit!

What a blessing to be down here! I am so thankful for the time God has gifted me with and the people I am meeting every day!!!

Thank you so much Lord! Fill our hearts with love and zeal this week as we serve and get to know these people here!!!

Day #4 So much to say, not enough time :)

Hello everyone! Holly here! Today was quite the eventful and memorable day!

Ingelsia (Church) was wonderful today! I even knew one of the songs in Espanol from the last time I was in Mexico. It was such a blast to be able to cantar (sing) along with them and clap all our manos (hands) to our Senior (Father God). The pastor spoke on Revelation and how it is the Word of God just as all the other books of the Biblia and that we are blessed if we read it. Here in Mexico many people avoid reading Revelation because it can be scary or not make sense. Hmmm… sounds very familiar to my life. I tend to avoid the book of Revelation. But after Pastor Aron’s sermon, I am quite inspired to dig in and find a Bible study on Revelation at some point instead of avoiding it.

It is safe to say, I am falling in love with Oaxaca, Mexico more and more every day. The people, the beautiful land, the strong presence of God our Father. I love it all, from the moment I walked in the door until the day I leave – I love it here!

After church and lunch, our group went into town. I grabbed a soccer ball and asked if I could stay at the orphanage and play with the kids while they went into town. Unbeknownst to me, Christopher had said the same – so Christopher and I ended up staying and having an absolute blast here with the kiddos! We played hard core soccer out in the midday heat with the boys for 3+ hours. For most of the game, I was the only nina (girl) out on the field. I prayed that the Lord would help me make a rank and show the guys I could play, aka “gain their respect.” Within the first 30 minutes I took down a few of the guys and the rest of the game they all saw me as an equal – a member of the team. Super fun! The girls sat on the sidelines and watched and got a kick out of it when I took some of the guys down. That made an open door later in the day for me to enter into conversation with the teenage girls here. And they were super happy to have me enter in the kitchen with them to help prepare what I must say was a WONDERFUL dinner meal!

Bonus: I learned how to fry tortilla chips, make egg tomato soup, fresh camomile tea, and a Mexican casserole.

Because our team still wasn’t back yet, Christopher and I got to eat with the Pastor’s kiddos (Aaron Jr., Abraham, Dara, and Zabdi). They are teaching us many words in Espanol and it really helps that Aaron and the others are opening up to speaking English with us as we try and speak Espanol with them. Lots of hand motions are beneficial🙂 God is soooooo good at helping us cross the language barrier.

Christopher and I spent all evening running around the orphanage with boys and girls. Christopher played baseball with the boys (well, used a metal water bottle as a bat and rocks as balls) while I did nail polish with some girls. The boys even ended up playing hide and seek from the teenage girls at one point and their was much laughter and chasing going on.

Overall, many smiles were had today!

Oh, and I think I should mention that our team WILL be working this week too🙂 The weekend is their play time here and the weekdays are their work hard days here. So it just so happens that we arrived over the weekend so we are enjoying life with them before we go to hard work. We WILL work!

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN CHRISTOPHER AND HOLLY are left alone in the visitor center! My coca-cola exploded! Check my facebook page for the dud explosion video :p Maybe tomorrow when Chris and I open a new coca-cola we will video the “live” soda explosion.



Today was a busy, full day. Waking up at 7:30 or so gave us just enough time to dress and hustle from the visitor’s center to the cafeteria, for a breakfast of rice pudding – Cami earned special honors by not only finishing off the left overs, but eating the cinammon stick at the bottom, as well.

After breakfast, we visited the world’s oldest still-functioning market, in the nearby town of Tlalaluca – try saying that name three times fast. The market spanned block after block, roofed by tarps tethered to building fronts. Everything from machetes to live turkeys to underwear adorned the numerous shops. Jill, the ministry administrator, advised us not to barter too much in this market, because it is a survival market, meaning that most of the vendors travel from the heavily-rural outlying areas, and sell only enough to afford basic necessities for the next week. The wizened faces of the Senoritas selling home-made tortillas reminded us of this fact, as we bought chocolate, sweet rolls, dresses, wooden spoons, and other local goods.

At eleven o’ clock, we returned for a church service. We worshiped the Lord with the congregation, even without knowing most of the words displayed on the screen, and learned about our identity in Christ, from a study of Revelations 1:1-4. The Pastor had a knack for engaging his mostly young audience, and talked about how Revelations is a taboo book, but totally cool, too. I mean, there are dragons in it, he said, and then roared. The interpreted then did her best impersonation of the Pastor’s roar, much to the delight of the audience.

The afternoon brought us lunch, and then a trip into Oaxaca – pronounced “Wuh-haca” – to the town square. The teachers in the state are striking, and had basically taken over the area, assembling a shabby army’s legion of tents, tarps, and lawn chairs. Apparently, they went on strike last year, too, for nine weeks. Nine weeks! The government finally stepped in and said they would not be paid if they kept striking, and they went back to work the next day. Go figure.

Amidst the throng of educators, we purchased table cloths, authentic Oaxaca coffee, hammocks, earrings, and, for one lucky, but unnamed, family member, hot sauce made with chipolins, or grasshoppers. Yum. For dinner, we tried to find a place in the town’s only shopping mall, commonly known as Oaxaca America, but the place was packed. Instead, upon Jill’s endorsement, we opted for a small Taco stand in the town next to where we’re staying. The tacos were five for a dollar, and featured pork called El Pastor, which tasted surprisngly like bacon. They were certainly something to write home about, and though Christopher and Holly had remained at the home to play with the kids, we had a wonderful team dinner.

At the end of our last day of touring the local area, we finished with a debrief of the day, and a providentially-timed devotional from Holly about serving humbly. It was God’s word to prepare us for the week of serving around the facility. Among the highlights we discussed during the debriefing were how the children nearly stoned Christopher for some unknown reason, the original nicknames that Jill’s children Celina and Nathan called Joe: “Editha Banos,” or Edith Bathroom, because he had mispronouned a young lady’s name, and saying “bathroom” is just funny on its own. Also mentioned was the time we spent together visiting as a team, getting to know one another.

Right now, at 10:45 p.m., almost everyone is drifting off to sleep, ready to see what tomorrow holds. Already, God’s grace has been evident in the safety and ease of our travel, the fellowship in our group, and the positive experiences we’ve had with the children and staff, and in the varied marketplaces. It is a tremendous and powerful encouragement to see the children in this home being brought up as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Please continue to pray for our team, that we will be a blessing to the staff and children, that we will have the discipline to go to bed early and rise early, and that God would speak to us and guide us during our time here, and for the children and staff in this home.

Day #3 – Jamba Jamba, Yogul Ruins, quinceanera (15th birthday bash!)

We are having trouble uploading many photos onto this blog. If you want to see many smiling faces and photos feel free to go to my facebook page and explore the photos🙂 -Holly Ortloff

Hey everyone, it’s Brooke. Today has been a great day. Our team had the opportunity to see some nearby ruins this morning, eat at Jamba Jamba (a local restaurant) for lunch, and visit a market in Mitla this afternoon. The most exciting part of the day for me, however, was this evening. The children’s home had a quinceañera, which is a fifteenth birthday party, for two of the girls here who recently turned fifteen. These birthday parties for the girls are a huge deal in this culture, so it was a very exciting event. The time was filled with food, games, dancing, and various other things. For me personally, it was an especially unique time, because I first met one of the birthday girls when I came to Oaxaca two years ago, and she has had a special place in my heart ever since. The amount of joy and the huge smile she has had just about every time I have been around her despite her less than ideal upbringing is incredible to me, and I must say that that joy is definitely contagious. I believe it comes from the Lord. One thing I remembered from two years ago was that this girl had a desire to see her family come to know Jesus. To tie this all together and to make a long story short, the girl’s mom was able to attend the birthday party tonight, which was a big deal. I do not know any details of the situation, but I do believe that the Lord works in mighty ways and that things happen for a reason, and I can only speculate that the events of tonight could be a part of His perfect plan. It appeared to mean a lot to the daughter to have her mom there, and I pray that this girls desire to see her family saved would be fulfilled.

Hi I’m Emma, I ate a grasshopper today. It was disgusting.

Hi I’m Amiya I went to the ruins and tried to look for a bath tub and I looked and I looked and I looked and never found it.

Hi this is Chrisopher, I got a new hat.

IMG_20140809_165759426 IMG_20140809_201447457

Eating lunch at Jamba Jamba before hitting the market!

Eating lunch at Jamba Jamba before hitting the market!

Eating grasshoppers at the Mitla market!!!

Eating grasshoppers at the Mitla market!!!

Things we noticed the Lord doing:

Jill has a heart for making disciples of Christ, God’s given her a passion for developing this orphanage to be there administrator for 5 years.

David (a 19 year old hombre from the orphanage) is going to live in Texas and attend a Bible College called Christ for Nations. He wanted to major in communication and start a Christian radio station here in Oaxaca, but they made new laws and made that almost impossible. So now he wants to major in worship art and come back to Oaxaca to serve the Lord here.

Best part of trip:

Smiles of little kids, laughter, giggles

Watching Joe compete in Chubby Bunny and fill his mouth with marsh mellows

Jumping contest from rock pillar to rock pillar at the Yagul Ruins

quinceanera to make the 15 year old girls feel special. Both girls in tears of joy when they were receiving hugs from every person in the orphanage. Hugged the girls and said, “Muchos bonita, muy especial, and te amo.” The girls and I had a sweet connection that God brought us through the language barrier.

Beth’s been accidentally saying, “How do I love you?” instead of “what is your name.” Haha we have had some fun laughs.

Joe called an elderly woman an old man, “Senor”

Prayer Requests:

Jill adopting her child is taking years. Please Lord help resolve this so that her daughter can come back to the states with her to visit family. Keep Jill strong in the position of director for 5 years.

Connect and communicate with the kids

Find time to read our Bibles.

Brooke and Kaitlyn are being eaten alive by the mosquitoes.

Cami’s got bad headaches.

Relations between team members to grow strong.

Quick devotional for the Night:

Matthew 18:1-5

Disciples ask who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Become like children and humble yourself, then you will be the greatest in the kingdom. Welcome a child and you’ve welcomed Me. – paraphrased by Holly as Joe read devotionals.

The Lord appreciates the little things as well as the big things. Simply playing with kids brings the Lord joy. Work for the Lord not man and He will be pleased and reward you. – paraphrased words from Joe.