Day 3 – Church, Rain Storm and Organizing


The rain storm in the morning! It poured all night and morning long.

In contrast, the wonderful sunny day in the afternoon! It was like Oregon weather.

In contrast, the wonderful sunny day in the afternoon! It was like Oregon weather.

 Hi! This is Ashley, today was another great day! Today we woke up to it pouring down rain which was nice and refreshing considering how hot its been.  A couple of leaders told us that we must of brought the rain with us from Oregon because it hadn’t rained that hard for awhile. That was funny to me.  Instead of weeding, the girls and I spent the day organizing the outreach center.  This is a place where people can drop off donations that can either be used for the children at the home or given to any locals in need. Tonight we had the opportunity to go to a church service at the children’s home.  It was such a neat experience to be able to stand there and listen to all of them worship the same God that I do.  The room was so full of energy and I loved that.

Hello everyone!  This is Kayla.  Today Hailey, Abby, Brooke, and I worked in the outreach room organizing clothes for the vast majority of the day.  Although the four of us were making progress, it was going a bit slow.  After lunch Ashley, Mckenzie, and Lindsey came to help us, and progress was made much quicker.  We ended up almost completely finished, with only some tidying up to do tomorrow.  From this experience I saw how effective teamwork is.  We accomplished so much when we worked together with a common goal.  This evening we attended church in Oaxaca for the first time.  It was an wonderful experience.  Even though I didn’t know what was being said, it was amazing how I could still connect with God.  I was struck with the fact that every person in the room was worshiping the same God.  We may live in a different country and we may speak in a different language, but we have something that brings us together: Jesus.

Before organizing the Resource Center





After organizing!

After organizing!


The sketchy scaffolding really made us trust in God! :)

These are the holes that we made in the cement for the stucco.

These are the holes that we made in the cement for the stucco.

Beautiful Oaxaca!

Beautiful Oaxaca!

The worship team preparing for the church service!

The worship team preparing for the church service!


Earthquake, Playing with the kids, Hammer Chisel and Weeding


Ashley, Hailey, Abby, Mckenzie & Kayla being awesome!

Hey, this is McKenzie. So, this morning, my friends and I woke up to a 6.3 earthquake. It occurred at roughly five this morning, and it felt like we were driving over really large potholes. Oddly enough, I was not alarmed whatsoever. I think I was too disoriented from just waking up, so I didn’t really realize what was happening. Hailey was definitely disoriented, because she sat up in her bad, and said, “Yep, California.” Then I reminded her that we were in Mexico, not California. Looking back on that experience, it kind of feels like a dream and a “Did that really happen?” moment, but I suppose it’s kind of cool to say that I experienced an earthquake in Mexico, right?

Hi, it’s Hailey. Like McKenzie mentioned, the earthquake was an amusing start to the morning. The rest of the day consisted of various types of work around the children’s home. The boys on our team worked on building the school, and the girls stayed busy weeding around the visitor center where we’re staying. During the weeding process, we managed to clear 7 wheelbarrows full of weeds, and we also encountered many large spider. Thank the Lord, we haven’t seen any tarantulas yet, however the spiders we saw today were about the size of a half-dollar coin. YIKES! I promptly grabbed a hoe and chopped them all in half! Later in the evening, we had the chance to babysit the kids while the caregivers at the children’s home had the night off. I got to hangout with 13 little girls. Lindsey, Abby, Kayla and I spent about an hour painting their nails. They loved it. Then we watched the movie Frozen, while one of them shared her blanket with me and held my hand. Saying that I felt loved was an understatement.

Hola, This is Scott. The day has presented many different experiences, one which I had never done before. Justin, my Dad and I spent time working on the construction of the elementary school building. We used a hammer chisel that weighed 15+ pounds, a pick ax and drill to make massively manly divets in the concrete columns and rafters. We made the hundreds of holes in order to put on stucco at a later time. Their construction methods are very different than America!

Here are some pictures from Day 2!


Ashley holding Kayla at the end of the day.


I am tired…


Justin dominating!



Abby and Lindsey doing nail polish with the girls!


Big Helpers! Luis & Juan helping Marta with the weeding.


Brooke hanging out with the boys! She was the peace keeper!


The elementary school in process!


Hailey enjoying painting nails with the girls!


In Oaxaca! Day 1

Hi Everyone! 

The sign in the entrance of the children's home

The sign in the entrance of the children’s home

We made it to Oaxaca! After numerous flight delays and one rescheduled connecting flight, we arrived in Oaxaca 4 1/2 hours later than expected. We were very tired! The cooks at the Children’s Home saved us some food for our late lunch, which was a true Mexican experience… Pizza! It was awesome and much better than any airport food we had consumed that day. We were so thankful! We ended up taking a tour of the Children’s Home and eating dinner with the kids. After having a team meeting we went to bed early for some much needed rest! Here our some photos from along the journey from Oregon to Oaxaca!


We had to wait in LAX for their shuttle for like 35 minutes (supposed to come every 10 minutes). We thought we were stranded.


On our way to LAX from PDX.

Sleeping after flying all night in the airport in Mexico City! We had an hour delay also.

Sleeping after flying all night in the airport in Mexico City! We had an hour delay also.


The view from the visitor’s center of the Children’s Home

Headed down south! Onward to Oaxaca Mexico! Team #1

team with justin_edited-1

             We will be in in Oaxaca from July 27th – August 6th. Shown above is our 1st team going to Oaxaca. During our time, we will be serving at the Foundation for His Ministry Children’s Home. Poverty, hardship and hunger have forced many parents to abandon or give up their children in Oaxaca, Mexico, so the For His Ministry Children’s Home stands as a beacon of light to these children. We are excited to see what other things God has in store for the team. Please pray with us while we are in Mexico. 

* Pray for God to use our team to bless the Children’s Home

* Pray for God to move in specific and mighty ways during our time.

* Pray that each individual grows in their relationship with the Lord

* Pray for safety for our teams as they travel.

Our team’s ‘FOUR CORE’ values:

Pray Hard

Be a Blessing

Serve Humbly

Zealously Seek God

I am headed back to Oaxaca Mexico!


Headed to Oaxaca! A sign we saw in Mitla while we were at the market.

             Headed to Oaxaca! 

I know that it has literally been forever since I posted on this blog. I apologize! I will be leading a team of people to the FFHM Children’s Home in Oaxaca Mexico from July 27th – August 7th. We will be using this blog to send photos and updates from Oaxaca. I am looking forward to serving God at the Children’s Home again!

Motivational Monday: Indescribable Beauty


At times, beauty is indescribable.

You simply cannot comprehend the beauty let alone put it into words. In that moment, the words escape you because you are so captivated the magnificent beauty before you.

As I am writing this, I sit before such beauty. Everything is breath taking. Each breath I take is filled with fresh mountain air mixed with the sweet smell of pine trees. The sun shines brightly and glimmers off of the water of the placid lake.  The granite mountains rise high above the lake and the light wind swiftly runs through the canyon. The different sounds of birds chirping in the trees all around and the sites of mountain goats in the distance remind me that I am far away from my everyday life.  The awe of untouched beauty; serene, peaceful, quiet and beautiful. I am amazed of God’s power to create such an incredible place. In this moment, I am surrounded by true beauty.

After a busy summer, I needed a break. I took a three-day backpacking trip to the Wallowa mountains in Oregon. Be motivated to take a breather from your Monday and think about where you have experienced such beauty in your life?

Motivational Monday: What does a text message, God and your life have in common?

Motivational-Monday3Both your life and the text message are communicating something.

A text message is sent to another person to communicate something. In order to communicate well, the message is sent in the context of a relationship. You have a relational connection to the other person so you are sending them a text message.

Have you ever texted the wrong person or called the wrong number? All of us have. It’s usually an awkward interaction and overall an uncomfortable experience. Why? Because there is no context of relationship.

One time I accidently texted a wrong number and instead of the person texting me back with a nice “sorry wrong number”, they called me and were furious because I had woke them up. It was not pleasant listening to this guy unload on me by calling me every name in the book. The problem… no context for relationship.

A message is best communicated through a relationship, especially a personal relationship. God understood this fact. God desired to communicate a personal message to you. His personal message is that He personally loves you. Jesus loves you. God’s message is hope in the midst of hopelessness.

Your life and a text message both communicate something. How you live communicates something to everyone around you. Think about it. If you call yourself a follower of Christ, does your life communicate God’s personal message of love?

How are you communicating the love of God into your workplace, school, friends, family and community?